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Sponsorship/Ambassador Tips

How to get noticed by a company you want to get sponsored by. How to become a sponsored athlete.

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How to better your chances at getting sponsored.

> This is in response to the hundreds of inquires we get on a weekly basis. All of this information is mainly our view and how we would approach a sponsorship position, but we are confident most companies that would agree with what we have to say. We want to lay out a plan that will help you get noticed by ANY company you are looking to get sponsored by.

> 1. Follow & Like

> Step one is probably the simplest, but most overlooked step. Emails and messages asking a company for sponsorship can go unnoticed if you do not already follow them on ALL social media. Follow on Instagram, like their Facebook page, and follow them on Twitter. Show them you support their product and approve of how they conduct business.

> 2. Make a purchase

> We am not saying this in an effort to drive sales, we are saying this because how can you know you like the product? Whether it is a supplement or apparel  you need to make a purchase.  Do you really like it? Would you recommend it to your friends and family? Would you wear it?  Do you like the quality? These are things you cannot say confidently without making a purchase. Additionally this helps support the company that you are interested in and would like to represent. What better way to tell a company that you want to represent them than to say "I bought and use your product and I love it"

> 3. Tag Them

> Now you follow/like the company AND you’ve made a purchase, use this to your advantage. Tag them in  Instagram and Facebook posts wearing and/or using the product. Tell them how much you love it, make a video of you hitting a PR. This goes a long way from a company standpoint.

> 4. Tell them

> When you compose an email to the company to look at you for potential sponsorship tell them why they should pick you. What are you bringing to the table? Do you have good relationship with the people at your gym? Have you worked to gain loyal followers that speak highly of your opinion? This is your opportunity to sell yourself.


ambassador Expectations

what we expect when you earn an ambassador spot with freak athlete.

>1. Put in the work

> When we decide that we want you to represent our brand as an ambassador that means one of two things, we think that you are a quality athlete/person and that you can extend to the people that you come into contact with either in person or on social media what FA is about and what we have to offer as a company. The other is that we think that you may earn a spot as a FA sponsored athlete, but we need more time to watch you grow as an athlete and see how you promote and represent our brand.

>2. Promote us

> We occasionally pluck people off social media that we see have potential to be an ambassador but more often than not we are contacted by athletes that wish to represent our brand. Whichever way we acquire you matters less than what you can actually bring to the table. We do not only look to see how many followers that you have (of course this helps) but we look to see if you are active in your sports community and do weightlifting meets or crossfit competitions, among other sports. We hope that you wear our apparel, post pictures and videos of you working out or playing your sport and let people know about FA and how to get the gear you are wearing. We also ask that you use our brand specific hashtags (#TeamFA, #FreakAthlete, #FAbattalion etc..) We also ask that if it does not conflict with any business that you have or run that you add our website to your Instagram bio.

>3. Repost

his is honestly a pretty big one, any time we post a new product or a giveaway we ask that you repost on all social media that you partake in. This helps us reach more people and it does not go unnoticed when we check in on our ambassadors.

>4. Don't Bash

There is nothing that will make you lose your spot as an ambassador or an athlete quicker than bashing people or other sports. We would hope that what we saw in you is that you are a generally good and motivational person, this is the type of person who is an all around Freak Athlete.